100% screen width custom template - Desperately need help

Movin or any other savvy reader,

Without going too deeply into why I want to do this, I am trying to create a custom template for a front end data entry page, that is 100% of the available screen width, at the moment there appears to be approx 220px of white space on either side of the content container (see the first attached screenshot which may explain things better).

I am going to be using Gravity Forms on the page and I believe that the shortcodes won’t work in bootstrap, so I am assuming that I can’t use any of the bootstrap styling on the page, but not 100% sure about that as I have never used Gravity Forms before.

Anyway I have tried all sorts of things to change the content container to span the entire available screen space.

Even after achieving that I will need at the minimum, a 3 column layout and possibly 4 columns as again apparently Gravity Forms won’t do more than 3 columns, so I will maybe have to make multiple forms, placed on the page in one of the columns to achieve the layout I want (see the second attachment).

I have spent the best part of 3 days trying to research this so I am now desperate for some help on this.

One last very important point is, this page has no requirement what so ever to be responsive and is meant to be used only on largish desktop monitors.

Oh nearly forgot, how can I code out the menu for only this template, Link here. I have gotten rid of the footer display already, but I’m struggling with the header without breaking the site.

Kindest Regards
Bam Bam

Never mind, once again I sorted this out myself, the support for this theme has become no existent and I don’t think I will use it again, shame as I like it a lot.

Bam Bam

Hi Bam Bam,

Extremely sorry for the delay here.

More and more users are using our themes and we are also getting more support requests for it so the support is delayed but we are improving it by assigning more resources to it.

Again sorry for any inconvenience caused and great to see you got that sorted out yourself.