2 problems with header and Team section content

Hi, I was checking the questions other users asked but I could not find the answer for my problems. I have two problems:

Problem #1: When I visit my website from a laptop this is how I see the header:
https://ibb.co/iEfxtk (image: problem 1)

whereas if I visit the homepage from a mobile phone it looks like this:
https://ibb.co/h1DiYk (image: problem 1a)

I set it as a static front page.

Problem #2: When I look at the Team section from the laptop everything is fine, but it appears like this if I look at it from the mobile phone:
https://ibb.co/bM6ntk (image: problem 2)

Do you know how I can fix this issues? Or if there is a section in this forum where similar issues were solved could you link me to that? Because I was not able to find them!

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


I solved the first problem but I still have issues with the second one. Anyone could help me, please? Thanks!

Ok, I guess I solved. But I don’t know why, changes do not appear properly in preview mode.


Glad your sorted out. :slight_smile:

Let us know If you have any other questions.