2 slideshow for 2 menus (IT & EN)

Hi there, I’m sorry I can’t solve it by myself. I managed to design a very simple hotel website that comes in two languages, Italian and English (yet I may add some other language later). I built then two menus. The slideshow works properly in the EN home page because it is connected to the EN menu pages with featured images. It cannot work in the IT home page, because I don’t know how to build a second slideshow connected to the pages of the IT menu. The url is www.jbrelais.com . Thanks for your help.

This theme is compatible with WPML plugin and is also have received an official certification for that and we highly recommend to use this plugin.

Creating two sliders separately is not possible but once you implement WPML switches language for slider automatically as it takes post/page relationships into consideration and uses the right one for the right language as long as you have both language connected.

Otherwise you can use some 3rd party plugins such as Meta Slider or other.

Thank you Aigars, impressive quick answer. I’m a neophite though. Which WPML plugin should I install? WPML Widgets? or WPML to Polylang, as I have Polylang already installed? Please note my site is on Wordpress .COM Should I buy WPML - will it work? Would you also recommend to deactivate first Flag Icons, Polylang and Meteor Slides that I have currently installed? Thank you