3 questions

Hello people!

Great time, i really love it. :slight_smile:

Although i have a few questions about it.

  • I configured a static homepage through settings -> reading. But now the sidebar and the widgets don’t show. Any idea why?
  • How can i hide the posts used for the featured slider?
  • Is it possible to link the slides to different pages?

Thanks for answering!


The first question has been answered. Now it’s just the other 2. :slight_smile:

Hide post that are in the slider are not possible via Theme Options but you can use a simple CSS had by targeting specific IDs of those posts. You can use Chrome Dev Tool to inspect what IDs they have. The basic code would look like this:

#post-1241 {
    display: none;

Repeat it as many times as necessary to hide all posts that you have added in slider.

Now that you have these posts hidden, you can use plugin called Page Links To. I guess name of it is already self explanatory - it allows to link posts/pages to any other URL, even outside your website if needed.

Great! Thanks for the quick answer. :slight_smile:

In what section of the CSS would I put the coding to hide the post.

Hi! Thanks for the great theme! I’m a fresh wp learner… Similar to JeanettaD, I’m wondering in which part I need to put those lines? Thanks.

One more question, if it possible to hide time from the posts in this theme?