3rd button in the header


thanks for an amazing free theme.
We would like to ask you, if it’s possible to add the third button to the header/slide. It should be 2 buttons on the first line and the third button on the second line under them. Is it possible?

We will attach a image with our idea.

Thank you very much!

Hello @stpn,

First of all, thank you for the kind words and for using our theme!

Adding a 3rd button to the homepage would require custom work into the core files, mostly duplicating a field in sections > front-page-bottom-header.php, accesible by FTP or directly in Appearances > Editor

I remember there was at some point a forum post about it, maybe you should give search a try.

Let me know if the above got you forward with the setup.


Hi, I have already found the way, how to duplicate a button.

When I duplicate for expample “second button” It could be seen for logged users and visitors too. BUT when I make my own button - the third - it’s not working. I mean only logged users can see it, but no visitors, who are not logged in. Is it any problem with a code or should I register my custom buttom anywhere? For example in functions.php or…

Is there any way how to register my custom button to I could customize it in a customizer like the others? I need this buttom to it was able to be translated.

If not, there is a second advice I need from you:
I found another way, how to do it - I need a button A, which will be shown on english version of the website and a button B, which will be shown on czech version of the website. Is it possible? That’s because I need have a third button

Sorry for my English. Thank you for your help!! @ION RUTZ

Hello @stpn,

This is getting quite over my head…not really sure how to tackle the situation.

I’d say that you are missing a button because you still need to activate it on the live website by using your custom text?

The language based button is a great idea, you should be able to deal with it manually via the translation plugin conditional shortcodes which will most probably require some code juggling.

Let me know more about the progress.


Yes, you are right. I created a third button in front-page-bottom-header.php file, but it still does not work. Only when I am logged in goes right. Not for visitors. So I need activate it, but where do I?

When I am logged in, the source code of website includes button custom code, but if I am not logged in it doesn’t.

Thx for help

I have done a shortcode of the third button <?php echo do_shortcode("[btnsx id=“98”]"); ?> . Where should I insert it to it worked?

When I insert in to front-page-bottom-header.php, it’s not a good step, because it announces a error on line …

Hello @stpn,

Please add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) so we can deal with this directly.