4 columns services/ contact form not working

Hello! I was looking to add an extra column in my services and also what would be the best way to actually list the services. I tried some HTML but it won’t work within the widget. Take a look here http://heathermichaelscpaservices.com

and you’ll see what I mean. I need the services to list as
Income taxes
Sales taxes
Licensing taxes
Payroll taxes

but instead they list as “Start-up Income taxes Sales taxes Licensing taxes Payroll taxes”

Also, my contact form appears to work on the front end, however i’m not receiving the emails.

Thank you for the help! I really do love the theme!


I’m not sure about the format of the services since I cannot locate the text you pointed out, but you might want to try this CSS code to get 4 columns instead of 3:

width: 25%;

As for the contact form, it seems like you are using a gmail account and it would be quite strange to work.
What you need is a @heathermichaelscpaservices.com email for the contact form.

Try a validation check on the form and see if you get any errors.


ok I’ve attached a photo. The code for the columns worked, thank you! Now I need them to align properly and you can see how the text appears bunched together instead of list format.

I also was able to get the contact form functioning. However when I updated the actual contact information to reflect the email address change and address change in the front-page-contact-us.php it won’t change.


It seems like there’s custom information in the contact section, have you managed to fix this?

If not, please proceed to update the theme version to meet the latest files as you are using an old version.

PS: Don’t forget to make a backup before replacing the files.

Okay I got the contact form working. Do you have an idea on how to align the 4 service columns and how to put them in list format? Like I said before <br> doesn’t work and

  • doesn’t either.

  • Hello,

    Can you please provide the website link?



    I’m still looking to resolve this issue! I have posted the website address in my into as well as again. Please help.

    Thank you

    Hello @jmasked,

    I see that you changed the layout a little bit, with great success.

    I did some extensive testings before, but there seems to be some malfunctions when you try to change the default section 3 elements layout.

    Let me know if you still require any help with this.



    So it’s not possible to change the service section from 3 to 4 columns?

    Hello @bogdan,

    You should be able to add 4 or more services using the above 25% width CSS code, and additionally this:

    margin-top: 0;

    Since this is a workaround and cannot be found in the theme features, you might encounter some display issues in very particular cases.

    Let me know if you got forward with the above code.