500 Error for Illdy Theme. Cant login also

Two days ago, my website went down (12lanternsolutions.com). The home page was giving me a 500 error and I could not login through the back-end of wordpress. I went into my hosting (Blue Host) and updated to theme 1.0.16. This did not fix the problem. The site still shows a 500 error and wont let me login to the back-end.

What do I do?



I love illdy. Great theme!

I’ve set up a child theme, but not sure how to best change the font of all the headings. Can you advise which files or folders to recreate in the child theme?

I would also like to know how to best change the background color of the different sections. Like the “Services” section.



Hello @12lantern,

This error can have multiple reasons to appear.

Resolving 500 errors - general: this error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software. It is not a client-side problem. It is up to the administrators of your Web server site to locate and analyse the logs which should give further information about the error

So the best I can suggest you is to contact the hosting company and see if they can fix this issue.

On top of that, do you know or can narrow down if you did any modifications that might have caused the error?
Custom core files modifications, plugin installs, etc.?

I would recommend to go to the hosting server > wp-content > plugins and delete (move) the plugins one by one.

You could also check out for .htaccess issues. 500 errors can frequently occur with incorrectly configured rewrite rules contained in your “.htaccess” files, so you should probably try removing those from your folders to see if it’s the cause. Keep a backup of those files of course, you might still need them.

If nothing works and considering actual WordPress pages still come back with error 500, that would certainly indicate that there’s something wrong with your WordPress installation. It might be worth trying to install a fresh new installation, and restoring your data from the old one.

Take a look at the backup instructions docs for help. This also contains some instructions for restoring the database back into a clean installation.

Don’t forget that you will not only need to restore the database, but also any media, plugins, and your theme in the “wp-content” directory.

I hope this helps you with the debugging, there’s not much I can do about it since it does not seems to be a theme related error.

Keep me posted about the outcome.

Best regards

@justin, please create a dedicated server thread with your issue and we’ll continue from there.
Thank you

Thanks for the in-depth reply, I appreciate it. I talked to my web host. Here’s what I found out/did:

*There has been nothing in the error log for the past several months
*There are no issues with the htaccess file/rewrite rule issues
*All plugins were deactivated. This did not solve the issue
*I restored the theme to a time in history when the website was showing, this did not solve the issue
*I deleted the theme and then reinstalled it. This did not solve the issue. I still have the 500 error.

Any insight?



Did you made any modifications to the core wordpress files, by any chance?

Since you already tried most of what I can think about, the only thing I can recommend you is to proceed with a fresh wordpress intall and see if you can regain your domain back.

Sorry for the trouble and that I cannot be of more help.

Best regards

The only thing touched was the CSS…I guess I really have no other options but to switch themes since other themes display fine and this one doesnt. Thanks for trying.

Hello @12lantern,

I’m really sorry that you have encountered issues and it seems quite strange that this only occurs with Illdy, so maybe you want to check out if you have at least PHP version 5.4.24

With temporary access, I could try to debug the issue, but I’d need both FTP and Dashboard access, so please let me know if you want to give it another try and you can provide me access via a private message.

Best regards