64MB limit?

I am trying to upload a GoPro video and it says there is a 64MB limit? That can’t be true for videos, is it?

Personally I would never attempt to host video myself, that’s what Vimeo and Youtube is for. Your web hosting will not be able to handle more than few views a day.

However, if you still think that you need to increase maximum upload size you can check this discussion.

Thanks, Aigers, I see that I need to contact my host. My GoPro videos are large and even a small one is over 50mb…my host doesn’t go over that so I’ll be looking for another host.

Thanks so much for the template…I love it!!!

Why don’t you use Vimeo or Youtube?

Yes…I’m going to use YouTube and must embed the videos. I still want to change my host as I really don’t like them…they have terrible support. Can you tell me who you use or make a few suggestions?

I appreciate your help as I am new to WP.

Probably you don’t want to hear my suggestions if you are new to system administration and coding and don’t have much money to spend on your hosting. :slight_smile:

This website is hosted on custom build VPS which is hosted by DigitalOcean. We use Ubuntu, Nginx, Nginx FastCGI cache in combination with W3 Total Cache for Database caching.

DigitalOcean or Linode are the best VPS server providers and I can recommend both of them but you need to know at least something about web servers and their configuration to proceed with this options. It will costs the same about as shared hosting but it does require knowledge but you can get outstanding performance for low cost.

Other option to get the same performance but which doesn’t require any coding or web server knowledge is to use Managed WordPress Hosting such as WPEngine, Pagely or Kinsta. They use very similar setup as we do with caching and everything but they will take care of everything. The only disadvantage is that you will have to pay premium but it is totally worth it.

Shared hostings such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, DreamHost, Site5 or any other large hosting provider are the same. They host hundreds of thousands of websites on the same server and you can’t expect good performance, reliability or good support. They just don’t care. If you are good with server configuration there is chance that you might get somewhere decent performance but then you would not use shared hosting in the first place.

I am really skeptical about shared web hostings as I have gone through most of them until I finally decided to learn something about server configuration and now I see that I made the right choice.

WOW…thanks so much!!! Yes, I have shared hosting and not happy with their support so I’ll take a look at some of your suggestions. I’m more every day about your Travelify theme and really like it!!