a copy of the main menu

I wanna make a copy of the main-nav for my webshop for products
i tried copying the html and css and just renaming the id as shopnav
but it didnt work…is there any easier way to do this?
thank you in advance

also how do i remove the page title for specific pages??

Removing ID is never a good idea because css styling relays on it. You can add additional class or ID but never remove it unless you completely rewrite CSS.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get this done. WordPress menu works the way that you should register new menu, then wrap it with divs and then style it and add to theme itself. Copy pasting is not a solution here.

To remove title you should target title via css based on Page ID.

It should look something like this

#post-1027 .entry-title {
    display: none;

ID can be found in website source or in Post/Page edit screen.

Alrighty, i think i understand
one more question, i put the search bar in my main nav but now i want it in the header…i dont remember how i got it there, i just remember seeing a post in this forum about it.
this is my custom css for searchform

#searchform {
float: right;
text-align: right;

i wish i could link you to the site but its offline and wont go online until its done

With CSS won’t be enough and you need to move your search code as well.

It should be something like:

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

and most likely you will find it in header-extensions.php file.

For more information you can use similar tutorial on how to add contact information. Just replace it with code from search form.