A couple question on Shapely

I have created my site, www.bristolheights.info, but have some questions:

  1. Can I remove the menu button at the top right?

  2. Can I remove “Front Page” from the title in the browser tab?

  3. If you scroll down you will see two buttons (Bristol Heights Map and Mission Drive Map), one is purple and the other is not. Why is this?

Love the theme and thank you in advance

Hi there

  1. try this custom css:

button.module.widget-handle.mobile-toggle.right.visible-sm.visible-xs {
display: none !important;

  1. this is the name of your page, just change it form the Wordpress menu > pages
  2. well, this is how its made :slight_smile: you can check it on our demo, we have the same style, this is the design designer decided to use