A Few Questions

I am having trouble with a few things setting up my Wordpress site:

  1. Contact Form - I have CF7 Customizer and CF7 installed. I saw in previous posts that there was a plugin that is now discontinued - how do I integrate a contact us form into this template?

  2. Change Font - I’ve seen similar posts, but have been unable to find the HTML to edit. I am trying to adjust the size and thickness of the “We Change Everything WordPress” and “This is the only WordPress theme you will ever want to use.” default text. Is this something that can be done just by adding extra CSS? If so, do you have best container to use to target just these?

  3. Three Column Parallax - How do I insert a three column parallax widget on the home page that can be used to highlight company features or services?

  4. One Page Navigation Menu - I’ve been able to adjust to custom links of #shapely_home_parallax-2 etc, but some of them don’t work. How do I identify the name of each widgets I am using so I can direct towards them? Also is there ability to smooth scroll to that part of the screen rather than “jumping”?

Thank you so much for this template! It’s a great resource as I learn more about front end programming and getting my website up and running :slight_smile: Please let me know if I can help answer any questions!!

I found this link to help with customizing menu links–
but am having problems myself identifying the widgets- have tried targeting the particular parallax sections I want the menu to scroll to but with no luck–Let me know if you figure it out!