A few support questions about design

First, of I love the theme Shapely, and that you provide a lot of themes for free. I just have a few questions about design issues that I am struggling with. I hope someone can assist me. I am an average WordPress designer all my plugins, theme etc. are updated to the latest versions.

  1. Some of the fonts throughout the site, for example, text in the main content of pages/posts are a certain size, and link text is a different font/weight, though. And the footer text I would like to be smaller. However, the links in the footer are larger size, which I want all to be the same font size and weight, maybe 13 or 14pt. Also, the footer would be all on one line, not two as it has now with social media icons to the right of that.

  2. As you can see, I have a background image on all my pages, but the text on the pages/posts are rather hard to read. Is there a way to change that, so the font is more eligible?

  3. I would like the background colour where the logo and menu are to have an opacity, so the background website image is see-through and shows some of the background images. When I add this code to Global CSS

.nav {
background: #ccff66;
opacity: 0.4;

It works, but the logo and menu also have an opacity which I do not want. I want the logo and menu to stay all the same colours, including the drop-down menu, but not the background where these two elements are sitting on. Also, when you scroll down, you can see the background colour that the logo/menu is sitting on has changed back to the original colour. How to fix all this? What is the CSS code?

  1. The main menu drop-down doesn’t work correctly as it is hidden behind some of the elements on pages and posts. I also can’t hover to the more than the first menu on the drop down, it just disappears.

  2. I thought this theme was supposed to be responsive? The website is displaying correctly on my PC computer, but on my Android phone on Opera browser, the images and videos are not responsive and showing correctly. The logo and menu too are not responsive as they are cut off. I am confused as to why and how to fix this?

Thank you very much. I will tell all my friends about this beautiful theme and company. :slight_smile:

I forgot to add my website https://www.weareinterconnected.com

Hi there

@michaellanfield firs of all, please consider it not easy for one support operator to handle all this question, i mean, amount of question, next time please split your questions by 2-3 tickets,

  1. footer text size, this is css code for you, its not possible to make them

.footer .footer-credits, .footer .footer-credits a {
color: #fff;
font-size: 14px;
.copyright-text, .copyright-text a {
color: #fefefe;
font-size: 14px;
1.1 its not possible to have all this text on one line
2. you need to choose a better image, maybe you have to add some fade to your image or blur before, no native way to adapt texts on the image
3. it does not makes any sense to make header navigation transparent, there is nothing under this element, i think you want to have image under this element but that’s not possible because the main container starts right after navigation its not under navigation

  1. please provide a screenshot
  2. theme is fully responsive by default, but this does not mean that everything you do in the theme will be responsive, show me screenshots of areas of the page you think is not responsive,

Hello. Thank you for your response. I will try those when I come back home. I am sorry, I didn’t know you worked alone, maybe you should get some volunteers to help.

Thank you once again for all your help. I really appreciate.

  1. Finished
    1.1. I see. But the footer looks good anyways.
  2. Gotcha.
    3/4. Some reason it reverted to not being transparent and it actually looks good, so I will leave it this way.
  3. I see. Is there a way to make the images and YouTube videos responsive?

Sure. If a next time, I will separate questions into 2-3 posts.

:slight_smile: Have a beautiful day Noda.

Howdyy :slight_smile:

You are welcome michaellanfield

no, im not alone here but for one person big tickets is not so easy to handle

Ok, i see our question is only number 5, so can you provide a screenshot of the problem? i have to see, i need to know what is the problem for you

I decided to make a video instead to explain the issue. About 7 minutes in length. You may not need to watch the whole clip. :slight_smile: This video is only for colorlib staff only.

Howdyy :slight_smile:

thank you for the video :slight_smile:
Yes, now i understand your problem, let’s dive in this
let’s take this page, About Michael Lanfield | Vegan Author and Advocate the problem you have with the text and image is that you are using not the usual method of building page, i see some third party css classes in the page, “panel-grid-cell” looks like you are using third party plugin for building page and i believe this is the source of all issues what happens below the navigation bars. now regarding navigation bar, from what i see style and default layout of the website is changed, i cant debug it because caching plugin is using inline styling and i cant understand from where these codes are coming, can you deactivate caching plugin? overall i think responsiveness of the website was damaged manually :frowning: responsive theme does not mean everything you do with it it will stay responsive, no,that’s not true, you have to keep basic rules,


The builder I am using is Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin. Really great plugin btw. I will deactivate W3 cache.


I agree with you, site origin page builder is a really good tool but problems like this is not expected from this plugin,
i see still same, let me know when you are done

Yes I’ve done everything, just not started to try to make the site responsive as I don’t know where to begin.

HI Michael

The same problem on the website, nothing is fixed, i think you have to get in touch with the plugin support because most part of the page is built by the page builder, i don’t have experience with this plugin because i don’t use it, i believe their support can help you, plus you can rely on us if anything is required