A little help with translating two things (and social menu)

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I’ve taken the task of translating some small elements that were still in English in Activello (translating to Brazilian Portuguese), but there are two I can’t figure out how to change, those are: “Search” at the top, in the same line as the menu, and “by (author)” on every post. Since I’ve already translated “Posted in” and “Edit”, I find it weird I couldn’t find the “by” part. Similarly, I found a “Search” entry that wasn’t translated in the .po file, but that didn’t change anything when updated.

I’d like to also ask you how exactly I can add the “social menu” I found when creating the main one, since I didn’t really understand that. Perhaps connected, the Activello Social Widget doesn’t seem to work, showing only the title “Follow us” and no other option.

Here’s my blog, if needed be: http://blog.lucaszanella.xyz/

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If some texts are missing from translation function you have to translate them manually, you have to search strings in the theme and manually translate it, use this plugin to search strings in the theme or in the plugin:

Thanks, I found the strings and translated them. Would you have any idea how to help me with the “social menu” and widget I talked about?

Good morning Lucas

Sorry, but I not clearly understand the question about social menu :frowning: i should mention it in my previous reply,
can you tell me what is your goal?


For one, I mean the Activello Social Widget, which doesn’t seem to allow me to add my social networks - unless I do it somewhere else I haven’t found yet. Second, there is a menu position called “Social Menu” which I think must be from Activello, but I’m unsure how to use it.

I’m sending in some screenshots to demonstrate it.

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  1. if im not wrong, first you have to add social network in the appearance > customize and then you have to is social menu widgets
  2. i believe you will find the answer on this page in the video :smiley:
    Activello Theme Documentation - Colorlib

Thank you Noda, I hadn’t seen that page.

You are welcome and we are here to help

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