A lot of issues with the theme

Hi there,

i found this theme and kinda like it. but nothing seems to work out of the box without me rewriting a lot of files.
Like parent menu items are not working
slider is showing only a weird small image and not full with like on demo page
sub menus are not working if i view it in a narrow window. Works fine on demo page.
full post instead of excerpts
some images inside a post only get loaded as a smaller image, even that i have selected to be displayed as large. that only happens in this theme, with another theme they are all displayed right…

and so on…
now i will spend hours figuring all that out and with the next theme update i probably have to start over again… can you not just code that in as options to select?

I like how the theme could lool like but seems more like work in progress :confused: will there be any update which fixes all that…