About section and projects

I have tried your theme and I have not been able to achieve my goals:
1- About section: I would like to put 6 items with progress bar in 2 rows, how can this be done?
2- My projects section: I don’t want to link to an external webpage, instead, I want to link it to a page created in wordpress, so that I won’t exit the site and I will have all my menus to navigate through my website and this theme. How can I do this?

Thank you in advance


Hello Asier,

Have you managed to set up this 2 things?

For the about section, just add 6 progress bars and see how they render.
If it’s not working correctly, please provide me the website link for a live preview so I can look for some custom CSS solution.

For the projects, you could just create your own pages and link to them directly.


Is there a chance that we can use “projects” as just a gallery and not links to either external or internal posts? If not, is there a better way to display images on the homepage?

Hello @heirloom,

Unfortunately, at the current moment there’s not very much you can do to change this section behaviour.

I have already pushed to the developers the suggestion to implement a gallery system, so we might see this in the upcoming theme updates.

An easy alternative would be to construct your gallery with the help of the text widget, but it would require some extensive custom work to make it open the picture in a lightbox instead of just linking to the big picture.

Best regards

True, with 6 elements it is displayed properly. For the projects I have achieved it but it would be nice to have a way to select any page inside Wordpress…

Thank you!