About section, percentage gone

Hi all,
first of everything: thanks a lot for the support and for this great theme, i really love it.
I’m finishing the setup of the theme for start to insert contents and so on noticed that the about section now doesen’t show me the percentage, only the title with the icon and a grey bar.
I updated the theme but nothing, i can’t figure it out!
I’m using this theme for my wedding website: http://www.nizmo.org/doddoenima/ with last version of theme and wordpress. Thanks a lot

Hello @nizmo,

Please add new values for the percentage, I suspect that they needs a re-save in order to appear on the live website.

Kind regards

Hi and thanks a lot for your reply; tried removing one widget and replacing in again with a new percentage. Nothing happened, i see again that problem.
Ofc i installed the companion plugin as well and activated it but nothing happened.
I’m using the 1.0.30 version with wordpress 4.6.1
Many thanks

Hello @nizmo,

This is quite strange, I managed to set the skill widgets alright, replicating the same environment as yours.

You might want to delete them all and import the content again from Appearances > About Illdy > Demo Content, but please make sure that you have a database backup from before, otherwise I suspect it could delete all of your current content.

If nothing works, please provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a live investigation and fix this up.

Best regards

Many thanks for your help, I hope to not waste your time. For now i solved writing near to the skills a percentage inside brackets, is’t that bad anyway; the theme is really cool.
I set you an admin account, really thanks for your help in advance.

I’m a little worried abot loading the deafult option because i’m not sure to be able to restore my contents. But I already tried to delete the whole section and put again the widgets, nothing. Even with the last update, nothing changed.

Here the infos:
user: ionrutz
pass: Or8tp%Ot(OGtvTsXbmJGsr#Z

Again, thanks!

Maybe i do something wrong but after the last update now between sections i see some numbers: under the opening image an 11, under the about section a 2131, it’s my fault? Maybe because i used some ? on menu and button?
Thanks again

Hello @nizmo,

I guess you already got more details about the update issue and the new theme update that fixed it.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with the percentages.

Best regards

Once more, thanks a lot for your support. Unfortunately seems that the recent update didn’t fix my problem with percentage.
Thanks again

Hello @nizmo,

Please try to go to dashboard > jetpack and connect an account for it.

I tried to do a couple of things to fix the skill bars and something went wrong, so you need to connect to that to get your testimonials and projects back.

It seems to be some google map error on the console but I cannot see any map, which is strange
I suspect that is the reasons why you are getting this behaviour…I need some more investigation about it.


Thanks again. I linked again my site to jetpack.
I got it, it’s the Form Maker plugin, i deactivated it and all works fine.
Now i have to understand what’s going wrong.
Thank you a lot

That’s great news, I’m happy that you are moving forward with the setup!


A last request: is it possible to have the code error or whatever you see in your console so i can post that on the plugin support forum?
Thank a lot for everything, really appreciated

Hello @nizmo,

Since you got it fixed, the error in the consoles are not there anymore.

You could activate the plugin, go to your homepage > right click > inspect element > console where you can see all the errors on your website.

Best regards

Many thanks for your time.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome, I’m happy that we got it fixed somehow.



i seem to be having the same issue currently.
Somehow, the skill widget is no longer showing the % sign on my page.
What can I do to make them appear again?