Accessibility statement for shapely

I am creating an accessibility statement for my site which uses shapely and on my accessibility report there are some issues with some of the buttons on the homepage widgets not being accessible to screen readers.
Do you have any details or accessibility information about your themes?


Hey there

Can you please elaborate a little bit more? I just tried it and buttons in the header section are working normally for me

I ran my website through an accessibility checker to ensure it meets asa standard and there were some issues regarding the text on the buttons (the ones created by widgets) not being readable by screen readers.


Ok, do you mean WCAG compatibility? and can you please share some screenshots or more details of what exactly is failing?
Please note, theme is not fully ready for WCAG

Hi yes,
It is the WCAG compliance I am asking about. I will try to work out how to download the report I ran to get examples.

Do you have a timeline as to when the theme will be compliant?

Many thanks


Yes, that’s what I recommend, would be better to make it compatible yourself because there is no clear timeline of when this issues will be solved from our side