Accidentally removed team widget

Hi there,
I’m loving the Illdy theme but during the customisation process I managed to somehow delete the sidebar Team Widget with the circular photos.
Is there any way of getting it back?
I already deleted and reinstalled the theme - but with no luck unfortunately.
Many thanks for your help.

Hello Joya,

Can you please point out what exactly you have deleted (maybe a screenshot from the demo website)?
Is it the team section on the homepage or is it actually the testimonials?

If it’s the latest, you should install and activate the JetPack plugin and just add your information in the newly added testimonial field in the dashboard.

If it’s the team section, just go to Appearances > Customize and add the team widget to the section.


Thanks a mil for your reply. It was the Team sidebar widget on the homepage which I deleted… just found out that I can look under widgets/inactive widgets and reactivate it though. All is sorted.
Many thanks for your reply! You guys run a great show.