Account on no longer working?


I bought the all templates license a few months ago back in August, now I am not able to login on, on the My Account page it says no account exists for my email address (same email address as this forum account). I’d like to login to download a premium template but it seems there is no way I can proceed, please advise?



I’ve now successfully made an account under this email address (had to go to /wp-login.php and register there, didn’t seem to be a link on the site), but it still shows no licenses present on my account? Still unable to download the theme I am wanting to grab.


Hey there

The migration process is on the way, we are moving accounts from the old to the new system, so, stay tuned and it will be fixed as soon as possible

Hi there, is there any update on this? I logged into the account that I created when I made this forum post and the account I created still works, but doesn’t show any purchase history.

Sorry for the delay.

In order to download our templates, you need to reset your password here.

I’m all good now, thanks!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Have a nice day