Activate Dazzling flexslider in Wordpress 4.2.2

I can’t find where to activate the slider in the Wordpress 4.2.2

Plese, someone help me!

I’m having a similar issue on WP 4.2.2

As stated in the documentation you should :
"Dazzling theme relies on Flexslider image slider which is built in into theme and no plugin is required.

Slider Settings are located in Theme Options – Main
To enable slider tick checkbox and you will see that two no options will appear “Slider Category” and “Number of slider items”
Select category from dropdown to use for slider
Now select number of slides to be used in slider (newest Posts from that category will be used)
Make sure you have Featured Images selected for those Posts."

BUT IT DOESN’T WORK to me too. At least, having done the following:

  1. Enabled slider checkbox and chosen the category SLIDERS and let number be three.
  2. having created the category SLIDERS
  3. having created three articles, post type “Image”, having applied an image in evidence to any of these articles

Weird! The home page doesn’t display the slider, but the live preview under Aspect-Customize shows it.

Beg pardon for my translation of Aspect Customize but I have an italian wp and do not know how they are called in the english version.

Please Colorlib, investigate. If you find it useful and time-saving I can give you the credential of my site where you can check this weird behavior. PM me, in the case.

David, it was a problem of mine. So far I think these theme is robust and well done.

I had created two articles and told the slider to use up to three documents. Specifying to use only two documents, fixed everything.

To summarize, on my humble experience,

activate the slider and say the maximum number of slides.

create at least the same minimum number of slides, by creating articles, with type “Image”, with an image in evidence. The title and the text of the article are going to be superimposed on the image, in the slider.

It works on wp 4.2.2

An applause to ColorLib guys.

David, I leave to you the closing of this item,

Ciao, Elio


I am glad you already solved your problem with slider.

Actually you don’t need to change post format to “Image” but you absolutely must set featured images for your posts. Regular images inside posts doesn’t count and you need to set them as featured. here you can read more how it can be done. I know that you already found this but it might work as reference for others.

Also thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it!