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this is my webiste: (Template travelify)

I’ve a problem… , I can’t see it in smartphone.
how can i do?

I searched different plugin in (WPTouch…). I choose JETPACK.
But how can setting it properly to see my website also in Smartphone?

Very thank who helps me.


You don’t need any plugin to make website responsive on mobile. WPTouch and Jetpack are fine too but theme is responsive by default, so there is no reason to use these plugins unless you want some features that thee plugins offer.

hello ,

please , do you have SKYPE ?

we’re going crazy to set to view it on mobile.

In some smartphone we can see , but in othe not.

On Mobile we can see only HTTP:/ , with only one slash .

How we can resolve the right configuration for mobile?

Very thank. It is importnat for my job!



You have misconfigured your DNS settings or your .htaccess rules are wrong. The thing is that your website loads only when accessed with “www.” at the front. You can try to access your website on desktop computer without “www.” and you will see that it won’t work there as well. Since you didn’t add “www.” on mobile when you checked then obviously your website is not working.

Get in touch with your hosting provider and explain what is going on and most likely he will help to get these things sorted.

very thanks for your support.
we change it in the DNS settings .

We have now problem to see image in Mobile.
We see this “?” and not the image.

Do you have a Solution ?

can we try with “Mobile PACK” Plugin ?



You are still using Jetpack plugin and most likely that’s the reason why images are not loades. You don’t need that plugin because this theme by default is optimized for mobile.

Since you are using slider on all of your pages maybe it causes problems on some mobile devices but that is not theme related and you should get in touch with plugin developer in cases those are images that aren’t loaded. For me on iPhone 6 plus everything works fine except one thing - Jetpack that is not needed at all.


tha nks for answer.

At the moment , in desktop PC , everything works fine (with WWW , and without WWW) , but in Mobile , is not working with and without WWW .

Where we must work in Control panel Wordpress , to set make working the MOBILE ?

this is my CP:
you can take a look inside. Thanks.
If you see something to set , please do it.

This is my skype:


I think I have finally fixed your website.

I think you were “developing” website locally and then bring it online because there were many broken URLS for your files. I don’t know if I fixed everything but at least it appears nice on my iPad and iPhone. Clear your mobile device browser cache and try to reload your website again.

Very Thanks.

Now i finally see my logo on mobile.

I’ve other problem , also on mobile.

Cant download PDF.

Look on MENU:

the link on mobile is this:

Thanks Mikele

Replace all this kind of urls because they won’t work on some desktop browsers as well. Use proper urls when possible. The same thing caused problems with your logo and will cause problems with other files as well if you don’t use them properly

Hello Aigars,

but where to change the LINK of the PDF file inserted in “MEDIA” , (and which correct link put).

very thanks.


Other Question , Aigars…

now we go over , but just question if we can collaborate…

are you expert in SEO ? KEYWORDS? , SITE POSITION?



Media uploader is working fine on your website (just tested it) and those broken URLs are because you moved your content from one domain to another or from local host to live website. Just fix all these links and you will be fine from there on.

Yes, I am SEO specialist but I only work with big brands or large websites with at least one million visitors a month.

hello Aigars,

i have 2 question…

  1. how to put the CONTACT FORM of JetPack on the right border of the page , for each/all page?

  2. Also for JETPACK contact there is an option that i can receive also the mail in my personal email , not only in the WP Control Panel.
    But i test it , and i don’t receive the email.

Can you help me?

very thanks