Activello - Centering Page Content, Social Media Icon (Behance, email), navi


Warning: I use this theme for Mobile viewing only. (The theme will only bee seen on mobile device or simulator)

I need help Centering all the content on my pages an posts for when my window is fullscreen.
I know that this is a mobile theme and the sizes will rarely ever get this large, but I thought I would ask to help fix it anyway.

As you can see it is fine until a width is reached.
EDIT** I just noticed the navigation also moves to the left when size is maximized.

Another small issue…

When the screen is large enough for the Menu items to be seen as text horizontally, I found that you are unable to click the button for the page that you are currently on (as to refresh the page).

Can this be fixed?

One last Issue!

I cannot seem to get my Behance Social Media icon to ever appear (it is always an invisible box). I have also tried with an envelope for a quick way for viewers to email me, but this does not work as well.

Any suggestions?


Hi @lulie,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

Could you please share me the page URL from your site where it’s displaying so that i can troubleshoot it and help you?

Kind Regards,