Activello header issue

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Can’t seem to upload a logo that stays the right size. It automatically suggests an image of 400x200 and then only gives an option to crop. Instead of fullwidth the header now looks like this.
It’s not that the uploaded image is small.

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The logo here cannot be full width, predefined size will be like this, in other words everything works here normally its designed like this :slight_smile:

But it didn’t used to be like this? It would be at least as wide as the Posts en sidebar. And the image plugin shows a fullwidth image as if that is possible as well. Any way to change it?

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You can see we have same on our demo:

its logo and its not supposed to be wider than its right now


Then I must have misunderstood. I thought it was the same as the featured image I see at the demo. How can I achieve a featured image like that?
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We have a logo on our demo and slider below the logo, the slider is pulling images from the posts, they are featured images from the posts, this slider can be set from the appearance > customize, … please see more detailed instruction in the theme documentation

So in the demo, the slider is set up under no sidebar. Yet, below the slider, there is a right sidebar. How do I do this?

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“So in the demo, the slider is set up under no sidebar.” - Where? the sidebar is under the slider :slight_smile:
“there is a right sidebar. How do I do this?” - You have to configure slider and page layout from appearance > customize