Activello Menu not conpletely shown on mobile devices


I´m sorry, I read the other posts about the problems with 3rd level menus, that are not shown on mobile devices. But I´m not sure, if I understand it right. So please pardon, if this is a silly question:

I´m using the Activello Theme. On desktop version everything is fine. But on mobile devices (ipad, smartphone), my menu is shown only until second level.

Normaly it´s like:
Nordamerika (1level)

  • USA (2level)
    • Kalifornien (3level)

But on mobile phone you can only see this:
Nordamerika (1level)

  • USA (2level)

Is that a bug in the theme or is it my fault? My adress is:

I´m an absolute beginner and have only rudimentary knowledge of css. But I´ve already installed a child theme. So I´m prepared :-). So if you could answer me in an easy way, it would be great :-).

My website isn´t ready already, so don´t wonder about the visual appearance …

Thank you in advance

New adding:
Now I saw, the 3rd menu IS shown on mobile devices, but far away on the right side - the 1. and 2. level is shown on the right side. Can you help me to get the 3rd menu on mobile devices closer to the 2rd menu?
Thank youuuuu

Hi Julia,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

I could confirm the issue on my test site therefore notified the theme developer about this on the following page so that it will be fixed.

The issue will be fixed ASAP.

Best Regards,

Thank you Movin for your fast reply!

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: