Activello Not Resizing Correctly On Some Mobile Devices


I am using the Actively theme on my website,, and the site looks fine on my computer. However, I’ve noticed that the theme doesn’t resize properly on all mobile devices. On my phone (iPhone 6s) in particular, the Logo is displaying BEHIND the image slider and the menu items aren’t displaying at the top of the page like they should. I’ve tried turning off the slider and removing the logo, but nothing seems to work. Please help!

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I visited your site and it’s working fine for me as shown in the attached screenshot. The menu is displaying on clicking on the hamburger icon as displayed in the second attached screenshot.

Please advise.

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I also have a problem with the Activello theme which doesn’t resize as it should on my mobile (iPhone 5S & 6S). What I see is what appears like a desktop view, instead of a mobile view. Could you tell me how to resolve this?

My site =>

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