Activello: woocommerce sidebar

Hello there, I’ve activated Activello theme and tried to upload widgets.
But comes up this window: widget area does not exist in theme (using inactive). Could you help me, guys.
This sign means I cant use this theme? Or I’ve missed smth.?
Thank you for any help.

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

By chance are you using this plugin to import the widgets:

If not please give this a try.

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“Woocommerce Sidebar” is cause this error “widget area does not exist in theme”. If you don’t have the woocommerce plugin it creates error like this, so if you want woocommerce sidebar, you need to have the plugin in active.

Also, it says widget already exists, so in that case the widget is already imported, just go to Appearance -> Widgets and see the widgets in action.

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