Add 4 photos under Our Team

How do I add a 4th person on the same line?


Hello @jlauod,

Try to add this custom CSS code to Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css:

.widget_illdy_person.col-sm-4 {
    width: 25%;
#team .widget_illdy_person:nth-child(4){
margin-top: 0;

This should do the trick.


And, please, I’d like to remove a member (we are only 2).
Thanks for your help !

Hi thanks for your response. I added the code before @import ‘layout/css/main.min.css’; and then tried after @import ‘layout/css/main.min.css’; and neither of those worked.

Please let me know how to fix this.

Thank you

Hello @guillaumevende,

Please have a look here:

@jlauod, can I have a live preview of the website?
I tested the code before and if you place it after the @import ‘layout/css/main.min.css; it should work without a problem.


Hi - I’ve successfully added 4 people. However, I’m unable to upload the image. Please let me know what I should do!


You should go to Dashboard > Media and upload the picture there first and only after that manually get the link and place it in the widget.

Let me know if this is what you were looking for.


It worked! Thank you!