Add a form sending data to SQL DB

Afternoon all, in January i need to move the current content of my web site (Colorlib Template) in to a separate page. Then re-creating the web site to show whats upcoming to 2019s event, Part of that needs to include a online form that car clubs or individuals can use to enter their vehicles to our show. When they hit Submit, that information be linked to a database on my server.
Been looking for template code to do this & not quite seeing the link between form & DB.
I have not yet set up the DB or form yet.
Any tips, how to’s i can follow?

hey there

You need developer freelancer to accomplish such tasks, if you don’t have experience with such things then its impossible to achieve your goal

Do I?
Do I reeeeeeaaaaally need to be paying someone when I can learn how to do this on my own?
Nothing is unachievable if your willing to learn & everyone who knows how to do this had to start somewhere.
Quite disappointed with your answer as thats not what help forums are about.
I already run my own server where I host my sites from, I am learning the PHP side & not that difficult so far as i remember quite a bit of Database creation from my college days.

But on top of all that I actually found a easy to use product for free via Google Forms which lets you embed the code to your web site & data submitted accessible to the people that i need it to be. So for me, this is what i am using.

Good evening @leopardpagan

im very glad that you feel comfortable with the PHP, honestly i just wanted to let you know how this is possible when someone is asking us on how to make this form to work its logical to think that such persons are not so comfortable with the php and backend implementation, I appreciate you willing to learn it yourself and dont pay for such task, :slight_smile: and thank you for sharing your solution, is there anything else?

I’m still new to PHP as only yesterday started to look at it.
But for now, i have what i need while i do learn PHP more & swap over to it later.

That’s great, :slight_smile:
So, is there anything else for us?