Add a new icon to social icons next to header


i would like to add a new icon to the social links bar next to the header, as i would like to create a link to my bloglovin account.

What is the easiest way to do this?


This theme uses Genericons and since there is no Bloglovin icon available on that icon collection it would require to replace Genericons with some other icon set. It can be done but it would take a lot of time to implement.

My personal suggestion would be to some use some generic icon such as heart or some other by replacing icon that you are currently not using from ones that are available inside theme. Maybe RSS or some other.

That sounds like a great idea! I couldnĀ“t find a heart in the genericons font file, do you think i can just edit it like that?

EDIT: found one, thanks :smiley:

To replace RSS with heart icon you can add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.social-icons ul li.rss a:before {
    content: '\f461';