Add a sidebar to only one page

Similar to pitpot’s question: How to disable the sidebar on only one page and amplify the main,
I wish to do the opposite. I would like to selectively add sidebars to full-width pages.

My dashboard seems to indicate this is possible:

Pages>>Edit Page

Select layout for this specific Page only (Note: This setting only reflects if page template is set as Default Template and Blog Type Templates.)

My default setting in Appearance>Sparkling Options>Layout Options>Webite Layout Options
is set to “Full Width.” The page I wish to add a sidebar to is a Blog page.

Yet, I am unable to make this happen. My blog page still does not have a right sidebar

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
For such changes, my suggestion is to find out third-party plugins working with sidebars and page layout, unfortunately, there is no default way to achieve your goal only with the theme options so, you need a plugin

Colorlib Support Team