Add Adsense, Add Instagram Feed, encode email and change Phone


I’m trying to achieve several things on shapely home page.
I installed plugins for

A) Instagram Feed, and that gives me a shortcode [instagram-feed]. However I couldn’t find how to put that somewhere (probably at footer) in home page, can you help me place my instagram feed?

B) Also installed plugin for adsense code, called Ad inserter. Pasted the code in admin but again, not showing in my webpage, so don’t know how to place it in shapely

C) I entered an email address in Contact form, and I’d like to be encoded to protect it from bots to be harvedsted and spammed, the plugin is “Email Address Encoder”. Any idea of how to do it?

D) Finally In the contact form says Phone: (and you can edit your phone, but I need to translate “Phone” to spanish “Teléfono”. I have a plugin Loco something but doesn´t show that part. How do I edit that single word?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi there,

  1. Have you tried adding the shortcode to the content areas of the page editor in text mode or are you using the widget home page. If so then add a text widget to the appearance \ widgets - homepage area and add the shortcode to that page. If that plugin provides a widget then use that in the widgets - homepage widget area.

  2. Cannot tell where you pasted the code from your message. Could you add it also to a text widget and add that to the appearance \ widgets - homepage widget area as it should work there. Also your adblock extensions on the browser might also be blocking the code from working.

  3. We do not really have a work around for this. Try and see if the plugin developers of that “Email Address Encoder” can help. Also the documentation for contact form 7 is here and it does allow for setting up captcha to prevent spamming - Docs | Contact Form 7

  4. You mean Loco translate i.e. Loco Translate – WordPress plugin |
    That word should be translatable when you translate the contact form 7 plugin. The word is not in the theme files.
    Translate the plugin.

Hope this clears things up.