Add columns to posts page


I am trying to have 4 posts show up on the posts page in a row (so 4 columns).

Right now there are only 2 posts in a row, so there are only 2 columns.

How can I increase the number of columns for the posts page grid?

Thank you!


Hello Sydney

Can I take a look at first? please provide a link to the example and I will check if its possible

Here is the link:

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out with this, means a lot :slight_smile:

Hello Sydly

Im sorry but the layout of articles is not allowing me to change them by CSS code, every 2 articles are in the row element and I cant merge them into one row, this is not possible without major customization of the template layout,
Sorry :slight_smile:


Thanks for trying.

I ended up finding this plugin called Elementor that allows for significant customization of pages.

Even just using the basic version I found some options that I can use to create the grid effect I’m looking for - just a suggestion for anyone else running into the same issue! The Pro version seems to have even better options for $49/year.

Hello Sydly

Sure, thing Elementor is number one page builder, for now, its really good plugin and even with the free version you can do an amazing thing, search for Elementor addons in Wordpress plugin repository add some extra functionality and widgets :slight_smile: