add comments to on specific page for Travelify WordPress theme

How do I activate comments on my ABOUT page only?

Also I googled that H1 tag should be tied to the title of the post. But when I tried in typography to change the font, it didn’t change. I can not find anything that has H1 tag. So my question is what is H1 in this theme? And how do I change it to have H1 tag for blog post title?

This video will help you with enabling disabling comments on Travelify and any other WordPress theme out there:

H1 tag is set for website title that you can see inside header of your website.

If you want to change post title from h2 to h1 then you should edit file called content-extensions.php that you can find inside travelify folder >> library >> structure.
On that file fine function called travelify_theloop_for_single and inside that function look for h2 tag and replace it with h1.

Let me know if this helps.

I tried to change the h1, h2 tags inside this function:
if ( ! function_exists( ‘travelify_theloop_for_single’ ) ) :

I replaced h2 with h1 but it didn’t work:

<header class=“entry-header”>

            &lt;h1 class="entry-title"&gt;

                &lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;

            &lt;/h1&gt;&lt;!-- .entry-title --&gt;

Clean your website and browser cache. There is no way it couldn’t work if the code is there.

My plugin W3 total cache is enabled. I thought it’s working automatically.
Should I do something manually?

I went into plugin - performance - dashboard and there is:
Perform a compatibility check, empty all caches, etc…
But I can only click on compatibility check…can you help me with the next step?
should I contact administrators of the w3 total cache plugin?

After reading so many bad reviews about this plugin, I don’t think it’s going to work. Any recommendations for a similar plugin?

W3 Total Cache is by far the best caching plugin for WordPress when used correctly. But it is really complex to setup because it is not enough to just enable it and then expect a massive speed improvement and outstanding reliability. You need to test it and tweak settings over and over again.

One better solution is to implement caching by using Redis, FastCGI and other technologies but you must have your own server (not shared hosting) to use them.