Add/Edit not working

I cant seem to add anything in customize menu. Project, teammembers, nothing. Add and edit button simply doesnt work.

Hey there

Which theme?
First of all make sure Companion plugin is activated and try again

Illdy theme. It is active, tried turning on and off some plugins but it didnt help…

Here is a link to the site, all sections on the homepage cant add/edit new posts/pages/projects, while in the dashboard they are created without a problem, but dont show up on the site.

Send me your admin details privately and I will check it

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Had any luck solving the problem?

I removed your admin details from the post, please send them to me privately, In my messages, not here this is publick

I cant find a way to send a private massage. Dont know if im retarded or is it not so obvious

I will send you a message and reply

Thank you for the access details, I just verified it and the problem you have is already reported: Add edit skill section in about us section is not working · Issue #320 · ColorlibHQ/illdy · GitHub

Unfortunately at this moment I can’t offer anything, we need to wait for the update