Add four new more themes further in your website

Hello Concern Person,
Hearty Greetings!!

First of all i, would like to thank you for adding my five elegant themes - ‘Invert’,‘Advertica’,‘BizNez’,‘FooDeez’,and ‘BizStudio’ on this prestigious market place. And recently, our developers have done four of latest themes with having lot’s of functionality as instance

  1. Landing page website
  2. Fully responsive on every media device
  3. SEO friendly
  4. Sortable sections
  5. Multipurpose
  6. WooCommerce Compatible

Now, i am looking forward to get approval above four themes also, so please consider my request…

Looking forward for response…

Have a nice day ahead!!


Thank you for getting in touch!

Unfortunately, we are not interested to promote another theme store especially when seeing your commission rates.

For advertising opportunities you can see this page.

Hi aigars,

How much you are expecting?

50% is our current standard with most affiliates. However, I want to point out that selling your themes will be ridiculously difficult because your website is so slow that users will run away as fast as they can. You could sell so much themes yourself if you would take performance a bit more seriously.

Most users have had bad experience with premium themes, so they now test them with Pingdom, GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed insights and other tools. But one thing they don’t realize (and I see you are on the same boat) is that not theme sucks but hosting and optimizations sucks the most.

You are trying to make money but you haven’t bothered to spend a few extra hours or extra bucks on decent hosting setup.

Sorry for breaking it to you.

Hello Aigars,
We are back again,

Let’s move our talk forward in terms of money.

We accept your proposal but we would like to know the tentative idea of themes will get sold out by your market place monthly??

And regarding speed, please check our new avatar of sketchthemes which is quite swift and robust.

Waiting for your words??

Hello Aigars,
Hearty Greeting!!

I am still waiting for your response??? So please consider my request…

Have a nice day ahead!!

I am no longer interested in listing any of SketcThemes themes on Colorlib.

I can offer you sidebar banner space which costs $350/month.

Let me know if you are interested.

Hello Aigars,
Pleasant Greetings!!

Aigars(with all do respect) may we know the reason please??? because if we are doing something wrong then at least make us known not to repeat it on the trot.

And regarding your generous sidebar banner offer, can you please bring this way to high price to somewhat low??

Waiting for your return??

Your own sentence pretty much sums it up:

And regarding your generous sidebar banner offer, can you please bring this way to high price to somewhat low??

Colorlib is not a charity organization. We can easily live without advertisers. We make exceptions for ones that are serious about their business but so far I don’t see that in you.

I have followed SketchThemes for some time and I noticed how you were doing Facebook spam, also posted comment spam on Colorlib and most likely other websites. I don’t want to be associated with this kind of business practices.

Hello Aigars,

First of all thanks for your soothing words, at least your are making us known what’s wrong are we doing in order to sale our products. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart to make us known about our dark side.

You are right at your place and we admit the spamming accusation due to lack of marketing skills and unknown about the repercussion. We know very well Colorlib is not a charity organization, it is a prestigious and renown international market place that’s the reason we would like to be in touch with you. You every single word is kind of blessing for us and we are taking it in positive way to not to repeat our past mistake. We are assuring you that we will not repeat all our past mistakes again and try to improve tremendously.

Please Mr. Aigars(with do respect) show us the good side.

Waiting for your return??