Add Img in Page in Balay Template

Hello - I have purchased Balay HTML template. I’m trying to create a basic page with an image included, and when I use the following code it is not showing up:

							<div class="blog-img" data-animate-effect="fadeInLeft" style="background-image: url(images/ml_workflow.png);">
						<div class="col-md-6 animate-box" data-animate-effect="fadeInLeft">
							<div class="about-desc">
								<span class="heading-meta">Machine Learning</span>
								<h2 class="colorlib-heading">About Josh</h2>  
								<p>I’ve been working on building AutoML Apps and explaining to others the difference between traditional ML and AutoML. I created visualization below to help tell the story.</p>


Hey there

that code will not work for sure, where did you get it?
this is a basic image html code, check this page: