Add More 'Features' to Features Section

I found an earlier post ( about adding more features to the features section, however, the advice given was that the fix applied to an old version of Shapely and was irrelevant now. Is there any way to do this? I want 4 features, rather than the default 3.

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The best way to do this would require you to create new code using the featured section widget file in the theme. Doing this would require the aid of a third part developer because it would entail altering the code of the theme.

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I had the same problem, and after researching here I went after a solution.
If you have a little knowledge in basic PHP will know how to handle it.
Open the file wp-content/plugins/shapely-companion/inc/widgets /widget-home-features.php, and edit it:
(Ps.: Make a backup of the file :);

  1. Add more variables to $title, $icon, $body_content.
  2. Need to put a new “row” inside the “container”, and beware of the arguments within the new “for”. I needed 3 more features, so I got in the new row “for ($ i = 4; $ i> 3 && $ i <7; $ ++)”.
  3. Add the fields for title, icon and body_content in function form.

With these changes, the section behaved very well regarding responsiveness and layout.

I hope I have helped.

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Thanks for the assist @vanduirf

I’m sure it will be valuable to other users of the colorlib community.

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Updated the code, if anyone needs it:


Thank you for adding the updated code for the community.

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Just thought I’d post my response to using your code and I can’t seem to get it to work. No changes take place despite replacing my original file with the one you edited.


Just a heads-up, in the new version make sure you edit this file, /wp-content/plugins/shapely-companion/inc/widgets/class-shapely-home-features.php

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