add more fields to the contact form

HI I am having problem to add more fields to the contact form:

I edit the form with a few more labels:

<label> Name / Unternehmen   
     [text* your-name] </label>

<label> E-mail 
    [email* your-email] </label>

    [tel telefon] </label>

<label> Unternehmen
    [text text-957] </label> <br/><br/>

<label> Projekt
    [text your-subject] </label>

<label> Ihre Nachricht
    [textarea your-message] </label>

and I added these labels to the email:

From: [your-name] <[your-email]>
Subject: [your-subject]

[tel telefon]

<[text text-957]>

Message Body:

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on top4m (

but I just receive the label name [tel telefon] and not the telephon

Hi @bardogris,

As you are using the contact form plugin please try to contact them on their support forum.

Unfortunately we could not provide you support for an external plugin.

Thank you,