Add New Widget Area in Middle of Page


I’m trying to add a parallax section on this page here Japan Market Expansion Plans - Tokyoesque - Globally Aware & Curious

I understand I need to add this via a widget area, but there isn’t a widget area that would allow me to do this where I want to. Ideally, I want to add the parallax section in the middle of the page, where the red text “Grow your business in Japan with Tokyoesque’s Japan Market Expansion Plans.” is.

How would I go about doing this? Would I have to edit the code?

Thanks much,


Hey there

Alex, you have to try this from the page editor, but the parallax section is only available for the homepage and from the customizer, please check.



Thanks for your response!

Ah I see - so it’s not possible to put a parallax section on a page that isn’t the homepage? I’ve tried to add a parallax section through the page editor, and also through the customizer, but it hasn’t worked.

In that case, how would I simply put an image in the background? I’m hoping to make the page more visual if possible.

Thank you!


Hi Alex

yes, indeed, our widgets work only on the homepage, for other pages you can use WordPress default block editor or any other page builder.