Add products below slider

Hello Aigars,

Could you help me out with the following?

On my page I would like to place products below the slider using the plugin Homepage product organizer.

I have placed


[wcs selection=“1”]

on the home page, the last shortcode being the plugin one’s. You can see that the products are above the slider. There is a possibility to use CSS to edit the way it is shown. How can I get it below the slider?

Thanks for your help!



No need to edit CSS. Make sure to format your post properly by adding slider first and then your product shortcodes.

Hello Aigars,

Like this?

[wcs selection=“2”]

This is the actual code on the homepage so the sliders should be above the products right?

They are still below the sliders.

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Then there is nothing I can do about it as plugin overrides everything. Make sure if there is something said about that in plugin documentation.

Other options is to place slider directly inside theme files, in your case front-page.php but it might be tricky and break website layout if used incorrectly

Here is shortcode you could try to use directly in template files.
<?php echo do_shortcode('[image-carousel twbs="3"]'); ?>

It works, thanks! :slight_smile: