Add recent posts to WordPress custom menu

I’m everyday closer to finish my blog but still have some issues. One of them is possibility to add to menu something like ‘latest posts’. Is it possible? At this moment I did it manually but maybe there is a method to add element which update dynamically. Thanks!

A bit confused with your question.
There is a widget called “Recent Posts” inside WordPress Dashboard – Appearance – Widgets. You can place it inside sidebar, footer, etc.

Let me know if this helps or I didn’t quite get your question?

Hi Aigars,

That’s true, there is a widget recent posts but how to include it into menu?

Unfortunately, it’s not created for that purpose.
If you are good with PHP you can come up with a solution for that but otherwise there is no way around it. Probably there is some plugin that does that but I doubt that. But at least you can give it a shot