Add Social Icon ONLY on Homepage

I have added a social icon (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) on my sidebar. For speed reasons, I want to show the icon only on my homepage. I want to exclude they show up on every post page.
Thanks for helping me.

hey there

Can you show me?
There is no option in the theme to conditionally display icons on the widget, you may need to use third-party plugins to do that, i can only help you with custom CSS

Thanks for the fast response.
Yes, help me with custom css please.
Wait, are the customs css have any side effect on theme performance overall?

Please provide a link to the page

Well, this means your element will be displayed in the DOM but hidden with the CSS

If it still displayed in the DOM, and I try to hide it to visitor with css, it will affect the pagespeed much faster? Or the pagespeed will the same as before?
Thanks Noda.

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“Or the pagespeed will the same as before?” - It will be exact same if you want to hide output in the dome you have to utilize third-party plugins for this

It is a must to install third-party plugin?
There is no other way to custom it only with css?

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Dear Khoter, as i said this is not possible to solve by CSS, such tasks are not possible to accomplish only by CSS code.
Yes, you have to find third party plugins if you want to hide output in the DOM

Thanks for your advice, Noda. Now I will close the topic and mark it as resolved.