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I am creating a website selling clothing online. Everything works fine, I just have a small problem. Is it possible for the user to choose the size of the item (XS, S, M …)? Or do I have to add the same item several times with a different size each time?

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Hi, assuming you are using woocommerce then it needs a plugin to variable options you can define, i.e. colors, sizes, or anything else you like. I use “WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options” by themecomplete. It can even let you change the picture based on an option you chose.

So you can have say a Blue shirt shown and have options for colours of Red, Green and Yellow. If you chose Red then the actual picture can change to show a picture you have of a Red version of the shirt. Then you could also have a size options and you can set variable prices depending on the options.

it is not a free one but i found it worth the $19 :slight_smile:

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Yes i use woocommerce. Thank you is exactly what I need

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@Crystaledge Thanks for providing an answer for this issue.

Another option would be to use the variable product option in WooCommerce. Please have a look at the following articles explaining the feature:

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