Add TikTok to Social Icons

Hi everyone,

is it possible to add “Tik Tok” as an automatic icon to the template? For now it is “only” Facebook, Instagram and so on.


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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
At the moment, this is not possible without customization, you will need to add some customization to the template file to add the TikTok option.
Apologies for the inconvenience
Colorlib Support Team

nexus90, it’s a great idea.

Let me guess, it’s one of the favorite apps you use for nowadays? :slight_smile: For me as well. Well, actually I usually use it for my work, cause it’s all about SEO and promoting purposes. But sometimes for a personal interest. TikTok became so popular that companies started making promotions for channels in it, to increase their number of fans or likes, and you know that no one else can do it better than guys from Hypetik, ( their website ). I’ve tried a lot of alternatives, but they are the best on the market.

Hi There,

Thanks for sharing.

I’m going to pass on the feedback to the dev team as well for further consideration.

Have a good one.