Add Title to Blog Post Pages

HI there!
I didn’t like the jumbo titles on our blog posts in the header because sometimes they’re really long and with that huge text it makes the header enormous so I made them invisible on post pages, but now I’d like the title to appear at the top of the page down below the header, the same way it does on regular pages.

Here’s a post page with no title:
Here’s a regular page with a title:

I built this site quite a while ago and know it’s an older version but I’m not able to update it right now, I hope that doesn’t interfere! Any help anyone can offer would be really appreciated!

Thank you!!!

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
The title is already appearing in the page here:

You just need to hide page title in the header, is this ok for you?

Colorlib Support Team

Hi! Thank you for responding! Yes I know it’s showing there, that’s the page link where it’s showing. The other link is the problem. It’s not showing in the post pages and that’s where I need it since I’ve removed the jumbo title. I want the title to show up on the blog posts and it’s not.

Thank you!

Well, if its not showing then there is no option to show it :frowning: in this case you can manually add page titles directly in the posts, at the top of the content

Okay, I’m just curious why it shows for pages and not posts?

Pages and posts are different post types in WordPress, not necessary to share same settings and behavior :slight_smile: