Added code in Sparkling child theme has no effect

I want to change the password protected message and I want to solve this by using the Sparkling child theme. Maybe this is the wrong way?
I have downloaded your Sparkling child here:

To change the password prtotected message in pages/posts i have tried many plugins but they all do not work. I have found a tutorial to add some code into the functions.php to change this text:

This works fine in the main Sparkling theme file functions.php

The same code in the funtions.php of the Sparkling Child theme has no effect.
Is there a way to fix this or does it generally not work that way?
For some help you would make me happy. Thanks

Hi there

Let me see your password-protected page and what is the text you want to add instead?

it could be any post or page that can be password protected by wordpress settings.
eg. Download - Dr. Stefan K. Braun ...Medien Log

Also the text can be any text. eg.
“Dieser Beitrag ist passwortgeschützt. Geben Sie Ihr Passwort unten ein:”


Hi there

I see it’s already changed? Screenshot by Lightshot

No it’s not. You cannot change the standard text of Wordpress. That’s the problem. I’m not sure if you understand the issue?

You can use this css code to change that text:

.protected-post-form p:nth-child(1):before {
content: "text";
visibility: visible;

.protected-post-form p:nth-child(1) {
visibility: hidden;

instead of Text you need to add any text you want to show

Thank you for your great support. It works! :grinning: :grinning:

Cool :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend