Adding a banner above the footer are for Sparkling WordPress theme


I’m just working on my site. I’d like to add a banner - like the call to action bar - but right above the footer that showcases an image the length of the footer where my site has been featured on. How can I do this?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.




Please post your website URL and banner that you would like to use and I will check what I can do about it.

Thanks so much! Sorry - it’s Just starting to design it as I moved content over from another site and may have a couple more questions.

You can add code like this inside footer.php file right above this line<div id="footer-area">

<div class="cfa">
	<div class="container">
		<div class="col-sm-12">
			<img src="">

In this code you should replace existing image link with one you want to use as as used your Custom header image to create this example.

Thanks so much! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:


What size do the images have to be to span the length of the footer?

Thanks :slight_smile:

How can I add a footer image fullwidth on Sparkling theme?


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