Adding a highly customized picture button on the homepage


I am trying to build up a personal website for my girlfriend. Shapely works pretty well in my opinion, but I would like to customize it more. Can I add a picture to the home page, basically above the text on the hero picture and make it a button? I’m not really good in CSS, but already tried my best and it totally didn’t work out. Also I couldn’t find any plugin that would allow me anything similar. The website is and I would like to have a circular picture of her above the Title.

I really appreciate any kind of help, as I’m pretty helpless right now!


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I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

There isn’t an option that natively supports this.
The best way I can think of is to:

  1. Add [Shapely] Parallax Section For FrontPage drag and drop widget to top.
  2. Add a circular cropped image of your girlfriend
  3. Set Image position to the top.

If the image conflicts with the full with the section below.
Set the software engineer section image to “Full Small”.

I hope this helps.

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Hey, thanks for the quick response! I tried adding the picture and it displays it above the hero picture. The idea was adding it to the background picture so that it seems to be one layer. I could customize the background picture on photoshop and add it afterwards, but then I can’t make it a button, right?

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That is correct it would be best to do a little photoshop.
In regards making it a button. You’ll have to use a workaround for that.
What you could do is try this plugin: Real-Time Find and Replace – WordPress plugin |
That allows you to replace code and then wrap the image you want to make a link, between anchor tags.

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