Adding a NEW social network and its icon

Thanks for the nice template of TRAVELIFY. It’s just perfect for our site. You can see our site here.
However, I have faced a problem with my social networks. I have subscribed in a social network names APARAT.COM which is not included in your list of social networks.
Please help me with adding this social network to the list.
If adding is difficult please let me know how to change the icon of one of the default social networks with the icon of APARAT and use it instead.
Thanks a lot for your kind efforts and your nice template of travelify.

This theme uses Genericons for social media icons and since your mentioned social icon is not included in their library it is going to be tricky to create a new one.

One option is to create it like this:

.social-icons ul li.rss a:before {
  background: url('') no-repeat;
  color: transparent;

In this example I have used CSS to replace RSS icon with background image. I took linkedin icon from your own website just for example. Now you have to decide which icon you are not going to use and replace it with my code.

For tumblr it would be like this:

.social-icons ul li.tumblr a:before {
  background: url('') no-repeat;
  color: transparent;

Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and make sure that you have Apaarat link placed in Tumblr field in Theme Options.

Dear Aligars,
It works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your kindness. You can now see the aparat logo on my page :slight_smile:
But as you can see it is smaller than the others. Should I change the size of the icon in photoshop? Or is it also possible to scale it in the css code?

Right now your side is not working, so I can’t look into it but I guess Photoshop would do the trick better.