Adding a product filter to Illdy

Hi I currently have the Themify Product Filter set up on my store, it displays properly and you are able to select size / price / whatever but when you do the contents on the page don’t change. I have tried two other product filters with the same problem

I tested the filters with the 2016 theme and it worked fine

Apart from this little niggle its been an absolute pleasure to work on this template

Thank you in advance

Hello Sneakerhead,

I hope you are doing well today.

I have checked the store on the website and the filter seems to be working. Could you please add an image of the issue so that I can see it?

Best Regards,

Hi, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

The filter was disabled yesterday because it wasn’t working at all, I’ve managed to get a very simplified size filter working by showing the results on a new page. As soon as I add any additional filters like price, category etc it stops working.

Also when I change the label of the filter it stops working, this is unfortunate because with just the word “size” it drops down a long list of options rather than stacking a few options per line as it would do with a longer label.

I read something on the plugin developers page about some themes not using standard wordpress product classes, is this possibly the case here?